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A Meeting Place For Live Journal Adults
I like to write and read the same sort of things on LJ:
*introspective and emotional reflections on one's relationships and the daily events in one's life.
*skillsharing of how one has learned to do things in a way that improves one's life.
*ways that one varies from the average and how that affects one's life.
*reflections on societal oppression and how one resists that oppression.

I've been on LJ for over 15 years now -- I did try to leave when they brought out the anti-qu33r anti-trans terms of service but I just couldn't manage it. So I'm here until they kick me out. Let's be friends!
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While not bashing my head against the desk repeatedly at work, or travelling around the country pretending to be clever, I write idiotic blog posts, and attempt to survive living in a house with four women, two cats, a hamster, and a number of fish.

I like pizza (or anything easy to cook, really), wine, chocolate biscuits, tea, coffee, movies, music, and cycling. I am as as colour-blind as a hedgehog in a bag, but can draw a mean doodle. I listen to random music on Spotify, watch streaming TV shows on the internet, and wish I had more time and/or money to pursue a colossally nerdy interest in comic book artwork.

If you would like somebody to jump down the internet rabbit hole with, send me a message – I love meeting new people, and love writing messages instead of getting on with what I should be doing.

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I am looking for new friends because it got a little silent on my friends' list ;)

* I'm Helena but my friends call me Ellie and I'm 36, living with my boyfriend somewhere in Germany.
* Although I live in good old Germany, I was actually born in Ireland and my heart still beats the Irish way.
* At the moment, I am doing a retraining to become an industrial clerk but I want to work in accounting afterwards.
* My biggest passion is music and I'm going a lot to concerts of a local rock band who are my friends.
* Favourite bands are: the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Kelly Family, Michael Patrick Kelly, Queen, Coldplay...
* Another big part of my heart belongs to football (soccer!) which I watch with friends on TV or in the stadium of my hometown team
* I love to watch Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0 & NCIS. Of course some more but I never miss an episode of these three.
* I don't have kids or pets so I don't think I have anything to add when you post a lot about this, sorry.
* I love to work on my bullet journal and be creative as I also like to make icons but only for myself.
* I don't suffer from any kind of mental illness or something like that - I thought it would be good to know.

* daily & work life, friends and my boyfriend
* football (soccer) talk about my teams
* sometimes about my befriended band and the trips
* fangirling happens too because a girl has crushes ;D
* occasionally memes
* thoughts about whatever tickles my fancy

* I look for people who are interested in what I have to say and comment every now and then because I like to interact with people and not have people on my list where I feel they just stalk me.
* You don't have to comment on everything I write but some kind of conversation would be nice.
* I update at least once a week and I also read my flist once a week but I comment when I feel like I have to say something.
* I am an honest person and say what I think. I can also be quite sarcastic.
* I actually look for female friends on here ;)

So if anyone is interested, drop me a comment here ;)
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You can call me Rae.
I've recently joined LJ with the intent to write more frequently.
My posts will be a combination of writing prompts, creative writing, and journaling.
A quick personal summary:
40 yr old mother of four daughters. My oldest is 22 yrs old who I placed for adoption at birth and recently reconnected, (she lives in NYC) a 20 yr old step daughter (lives in CA) and an 11 and 8 yr old in our home (UT).
My profession is bookkeeping and business administration.
My passion is my family and reading / writing.
An introvert by nature, I love to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. Finding people who aren't afraid to have meaningful conversations is something I'd like to accomplish by making my posts public, so please friend me if this describes you.
I am not judgmental in any way.
I am an atheist but I firmly believe that some things are worth believing in... so if your faith helps you find the purpose, community, and compassion you need in your life, well done You.
I am bi-sexual but I am married to a man. We've been together for 17 years, we've done the poly-amorous scene with other couples but we've settled into monogamy at the moment.
I think women of every shape, size, color are beautiful. I find I am more physically attracted to women and emotionally to men. A phenomenon to which I have yet to break the code.
I believe that love is an endless well that only proliferates the more you give away.
Looking forward to connecting, learning, and growing as a writer and a human with this LJ experience.
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I'm 34 and have been on LJ for more than a third of my life -- there've been times I tried to leave but this is my home and I always come back. I'm looking to find my roots again here after the server shift broke me from them and new connections always help with that. So if you write to understand yourself and the world and you aim for complete openness and honesty, feel free to add me!

My identity is complex, which takes work to understand but also often helps inspire fresh thoughts. I'm queer, non-monogamous, trans and agender, fat & proud, and demisexual. I'm a social justice activist, treehugger, nudist, artist, content creator, vegetarian, energy-worker, non-neurotypical ADHD-PI thinker, consent advocate, and eclectic pagan Quaker. If we have something in common, let's connect!
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Salutations, my name is Lyndsey. Currently I am at the ripe age of 29 and have been living in Florida the entire time. Planning on relocating to Chattanooga, Tennessee by the end of the year. I am suffering though college as a Biology major with a decent head on my shoulders. Moving to further pursue my career and education in Environmental Science. Often post miscellaneous prolegomena, situational news, adventures, mischievous mishaps, geocaching, and occasionally track lists. Damn I seem rather domestic, but I assure you that I am a creep. I am often intrigued by peculiar sorts of things. I spend most of my time with my nose in a book, although I can appreciate distractions. I am rather into exploration, obscurity, marijuana, abnormalities, modification, education, science, illustration, architecture, nature, gardening, reading, cinema, cooking, geocaching, and all things medical.

Honestly I don't update daily, but I have recently become more inclined to. I would like to meet worthwhile folk and prove that LiveJournal is not dead.
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Are you looking for a laid back - go with the flow - nature loving kind of friend? Here I am!

I'm pretty friendly and down to earth - very easy to get along with. I don't care to be around a lot of drama or negativity and always try to see the glass as half full. I love nature and being outdoors with my dogs and my camera. I'd much rather be around a campfire with a few friends than at a loud club or party.

I enjoy a wide range of hobbies and activities such as hiking, cycling, video games, netflix, documentaries, photography, traveling horror films, Marc Maron and Bob's Burgers.

My journal is brand new - today is it's birthday (as well as mine!) and I look forward to getting started and meeting some new friends.

You're not going to see a lot of drama or political garbage in my journal, but instead the day to day musings of my life as I struggle to find my inner peace again, my adventures exploring the world around me, and a lot of photos of my insanely adorable dogs! And hey, who doesn't need at least one cool hippie friend?
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Hey everybody. I just kinda joined here. so I recently started this journal and decided to look for some cool new people to meet. I added some info of mine at the bottom so if we have anything in common add me ,kay ?



Interests-- art,alice in wonderland, wicca, tattoos, rock music,fashion, animals, poetry, horror movies, 80s movies, halloween, tim burton, reading, drawing, shopping, listening to music, disney.

Music-- Nirvana, tori amos, p.j. harvey, smashing pumpkins, garbage, the pixies, babes in toyland, sleater kinney etc

Movies--Alice in wonderland, the last unicorn, edward scissorhands, marie antoinette,jawbreaker, heathers, the notebook, frozen, suicide squad, wizard of oz, cinderella, pulp fiction, tangled, sweeney todd, nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, halloween.
Also- my journal is a little honest at points, hopefully you can understand that when you add me lol.
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I've been using LJ for many years but last year I made a new start with a new journal. Now I thought it is time to try making new friends since my flist has become a little quiet over the last few months.

• So, friends call me Ellie, I am in my thirties and I was born in Ireland but live in Germany since I was six. Currently I am single but I have this damn crush on a man who’s probably not very much interested. Yeah, it's really complicated. As always...
• MUSIC is very important in my life. I love the music of the ROLLING STONES, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Van Halen, T.Rex, the Sweet, Pink Floyd, U2, Deep Purple, David Bowie... just to name a few. As you can see, I’m a total rock music junkie and I honestly can’t go a day without music. It’s possible but less awesome. So I always carry my mp3-player with me.
• Then there is my love for football (soccer) since I was about five or six. My teams are FC Bayern and Eintracht Braunschweig.
• I love to watch series but I have narrowed it down to just a few, like NCIS, Suits, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS New Orleans, Law & Order SVU. I am not so much a movies or book person, to be honest and A.J. Cook is my queen! :) Oh, and I have a crush on Alex O’Loughlin though when it comes to football players, my most favourite one is Xabi Alonso :D

• Shortly said: Whatever tickles my fancy.
• Friends, family, work - the good and the bad things about it ;)
• thoughts about the most random things, though it’ll be a lot about work stuff and that man I like who’s probably not into me.
• Concerts, music, football incl... yeah, everything. Also picspams of the ones I like.
• Occasionally memes.

• I am not looking for people who just want a huge number of “friends” on their list. I just don’t want to be a random number on a list and would love to build friendships.
• I’m rather looking for more FEMALE friends here though :)
• If we don’t click, no hard feelings on removing.
• I don't want to read about severe mental illness, self-harm or eating disorders.
• Also, I am not very much interested in politics and religious stuff. If you are that’s fine but I don’t have anything to add to it, to be honest.
• I don’t have kids (and neither pets) and I don’t ever plan to have any.
• A few common interests would be nice but aren’t a must. It would just be nice to have something to talk about? :)

I read my flist every second or third day and comment when I have to say something. I don’t expect you to comment on everything I write. Also, I try to update at least two or three times a week.

If you are interested in getting to know me and think we can become friends, please leave a comment here but please don’t just add me! :)
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Hello prospective friends!!

Are you ready to get to know and love me?? Ok, maybe not love lol, but if you are looking for a good LJ friend, I may be of use to you. ;-)

I have been on LJ since 2004, which actually makes me feel old lol, but also a good indication of how dedicated I am to LJ and give assurance that I will NOT, I repeat NOT defect to dreaded Facebook (which, btw I hate with a passion but will not judge you if you do not feel the same lol).

I am in my 40's, married to an awesome man who treats me like a princess, and have two beautiful, wonderful step kids that I love and adore as much as if they were my very own DNA. My stepdaughter lives with Hubby and I so lots of my posts are about life with them. Mostly fun, sometimes incidents that are murderous rage worthy, but that's mostly when the Ex is brought up. lol

I am a positive glass half full kind of person and when the going gets tough I fall back on my sense of humour. I may freak out and cry first, but laughter is definitely the best medicine and I can find the humour in the most absurd situations.

Ok so, this is what I am looking for in an LJ friend:

* Frequent poster. Doesn't have to be daily but just something on a somewhat regular basis so I know you are still alive and you are still using LJ.

* Frequent commenter. Ok, this is a MUST!! I am a comment whore and it will be a deal breaker if we become friends and you seemingly ignore all my entries (which is what I will assume if you never comment).

* Frequent answerer of comments. Like I said, I'm a comment whore and while I get that it's not possible to answer every single, solitary comment, I don't need anymore LJ friends that are comment collectors and not answerers. Boring, one sided, not for me, definite deal breaker.

Other than that, age/interests/what you post about, I have no demands other than just be yourself. ;-) Quality vs.. quantity is much, much more important to me when it comes to LJ friends. I'd rather have a select few good ones than oodles of people who make me want to *headdesk* all day long.

I get that sometimes the friend thing on here doesn't work out, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have met quite a few reeeeeally awesome people on here and am looking for more of the same.

If you're a good, established and committed LJ friend looking for another good, established and committed LJ friend then what are you waiting for??? Add me already!!

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Hi all,

So I'm Lauren. I'm an LJ veteran, and I've had various accounts over the years, but I took a break from 2013-2016, and have just created a new journal, so I'm looking for new friends. Here's what you need to know:

I'm 30, I'm married to a wonderful man and I have a one month old daughter called Eloise. I'm a pretty opinionated and stubborn vegan feminist, but I'm kind-hearted and good at listening to people and making friends. I identify as pansexual/queer but my sexuality has been fairly fluid over the years so I'm not too strict about labels. I have had an anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember, but I try not to let it define me.

I'm super feminine and I love anything Disney, pink or floral. I go to Disneyworld or Disneyland Paris whenever I can, and I love fashion and shopping. I'm addicted to tattoos and feel like my body is a canvas in progress. I have a tattoo of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, one of the Powerpuff girls, and about 16 others as well. I'm also a hardcore Potterhead, and Slytherin according to Pottermore, but I have Ravenclaw tendencies and I identify strongly with Hermione because I'm a bookworm/nerd. Speaking of that, I have a degree in English Lit, a Masters in Victorian Lit, and I work in a college library, but I'm currently on maternity leave and I'm considering a change in career - my dream is to work with children, so I'm currently seeking voluntary experience in that field.

My favourite musical artists are the likes of Florence and the Machine, Tori Amos, Belle & Sebastian, Biffy Clyro, and I love plastic pop like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry too. I'm a huge film nerd, and my favourite director is Sophia Coppola. I'm heavily into RuPaul's Drag Race, and various other TV shows. I spend a lot of time binge-watching shows on Netflix while looking after my daughter.

Add me if you wish - I'm open to friends of all sorts! Oh, and this is my face:
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Name: You can just call me Dark Heroine
Age: 36
Married: Yes
Kids: 2

Bio: Born and raised in California, about 20 minutes from San Francisco. Moved to Utah in 2004. I was adopted when I was about 5 years old. I don't know my real Dad and have met my Bio Mom, we are friends on facebook...yippee! The woman who I consider my MOM passed away 13 years ago, my youngest only being 3 months old at the time. I love my adoptive Dad, he has given so much but I wish we had a better relationship. He doesn't keep in touch very well and living 700 miles away from each other doesn't help. I have an older sibling who is 10 years older than I, somewhere out there in the world. He/She was also given up for adoption. I have two older siblings, I was fortunate enough to be adopted with but don't have a relationship with either. I have a younger brother who I met about 15 years ago, along with my Bio Mom for the first time. I don't really have a relationship with them as well.

I've been married for almost 17 years, together for 18. That's half my life! We have two kids, both are teenagers, eek! I will generally not have entries about them. I will casually bring them up but nothing in depth. There are just some things I feel that shouldn't be shared.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life. I'm scared of taking big pharma drugs so I take natural supplements, eat healthy and exercise regularly instead. Sports has always been a healthy outlet for me, I played soccer for 8 years growing up and now I currently play softball and bowl on a league with my husband and my in-laws. It can be quite interesting.

I'm not religious in any way. I was fostered by a family that was Jehovah Witnesses and then later adopted by a Catholic/Jewish couple. We celebrated all the Jewish and Catholic Holidays but never went to church. My in-laws are Mormon. We often clash over morals and opinions as in me being a firm supporter of the LBGT community. My in-laws, not so much. I love them, they are my family but they can be such hypocrites.

I'm a big movie buff. Love the Marvel movies, Star Trek and Star wars, but I think by far more of a Trekkie. TGN was the shit. Had a major crush on Data...of all things. Huge X-Files nerd growing up. Favorite bands are MUSE, City and Colour & Volbeat. Love to read, cook and bake. Although, not as good at the baking as I am at the cooking.  Incense, essential oils, candles, cats, hippy-esk, the universe has a plan for you kind of girl. Sensitive, empathic, compassionate, insecure but strong and can rip your head off if necessary.

I would like to learn sign language someday and to travel the world and just EAT all the delicious foods.
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Once upon a time, I wrote regularly (or obsessively, depending on who you ask) in a relatively popular livejournal throughout high school and a bit of college, which I eventually abandoned for men, MDMA, and the sort of lewd, rabbit-hole-esque adventures that inspired lovers-acquaintances into adding the prefix "Epic-" to my first name.

I am the sort of writer that needs readers in order to motivate continued and regular posts. I am hoping to find friends who will comment regularly and honestly with opinions regarding what I've written and how I've written it.

I invite those who wish to challenge me and participate in the discourse.
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My name is Jess. I'm 33 years old, living in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I'm not by any means new to LiveJournal. I've been here on and off since 2004, though this is a new journal. I always liked the community and fandom and such here, and as far as social media platforms go, I never really jived much with the 260 characters or less style of posting. XD

So a few things about me... I'm a retail sales associate, I live with my girlfriend, a roommate, and her two boxers. We just moved here to Beaverton about five months ago from Sedona, Arizona. (God, has it been that long already?)

I'm into reading, anime, video games, My Little Pony (which I'm perfectly entitled so, since I'm actually a girl XD), drawing, and many other things. I post regularly, sometimes even two to three times a day about all of the abovementioned things, along with things about work, life, or whatever random thoughts come into my head.

Feel free to add me if you feel like we'd get along. You don't have to comment if you want to add me, but it helps so I know you've added me.

I'm feeling: cheerful cheerful
I'm listening to: William Bell - The Three of Me

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Hi, I'm not new to Livejournal but after coming back to this account after a year long absence, I'm looking for new friends to interact as a lot of my old ones have gone inactive or removed me understandably.

The basics about me

I'm a gay guy living in the UK. I have a pretty boring day job but my ultimate ambition is to become a published author one day. I love Reading, TV, gaming and taking long walks with the dog... OK this is starting to sound like a dating profile lol.

I'm looking for like minded people to interact with. I always read the posts of friends I make and try to respond to comments as soon as I can. Check out my profile and if you have similar interests to me, feel free to add me and I'll be sure to add you back :)

Current Location: Home - Office
I'm feeling: bouncy bouncy
I'm listening to: Oasis - Stop Crying your Heart Out

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Hey, I'm Em. I'm a 32 year old, recently separated, single mother of two boys (17 months and 4.5 yrs). I'm a working professional in the medical field and have many interests and hobbies. I've been on LJ for over 15 years at this point but this is a new journal for me. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life but I'm only recently medicated.

Music: Hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal, 90's alt, 80's everything, some techno and neogoth. Anything with a good beat. From Bauhaus to Beatles and Rammstein to Rolling Stones...

Movies: Action, thriller, mindfuck, suspense, sci-fi, Pixar, bad 80's films, romcom. Deadpool, Lost Boys, Bourne series, Identity, Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton...

TV: I don't watch much and I only have Netflix. American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Merlin, Six Feet Under, Hoise, Bones, CSI, Law and Order, Friends, Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, A Haunting, various documentaries and cooking shows

Books: Harry Potter, Sword of Truth, The Historian, Poppy Z. Brite, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Garth Nix, horror, splatterpunk, historical fiction, vampires without glitter, steampunk

What I'll probably post about:
-dating, love and sex. Some will be graphic and some will be glazed over, it just really depends on what i need to get offy chest

-my shitty ex and his shitty drama

-my kids, but only if they do something awesome, funny, or especially disgusting


-mental health issues

-whatever else arises
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Let's see. I am a 34 year old female and I have been on Lj for over a decade- atleast. I am happily married. I am a manager in a large coprorate environment and have been working there for 14 years. I am a Pisces Sun, Virgo Rising and Capricorn moon and possess a deep love for astrology. I do not have kids because I suffer from the dreaded unexplained infertility. I am canadian. I love the 90s, especially the music which enthralls me. I swear quite a bit and I am not religious or political. I am a real postive person and believe in the laws of attraction. I have a dog and two cats. I am a workaholic and probably could benefit from a hobby or two. I update frequently but can go a few weeks without at times. I do check daily and read my friends entries though.

I am looking for new friends because my list has gotten stale. Before you add me, please know that I read all entries but I am not a serial commenter. I write for me, not for comments. I like low maintenance friends in real life and on LJ. If I feel like commenting I will and I do, but if you are one of those people who need comments on every entries, don't bother because I'll surely be beheaded at your next friend cut. I don't do friend cuts by the way.

I write about my day to day, health, drama, emotions, goals, wtv. It is a mix bag really basedon my feelings.

I am hoping to find dedicated LJ users. I find most people will start a new LJ with good intentions but disappear fast.

Please feel free to add me if you think we will mesh!

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